(Ch.15) Mysterious Attack

(Ch.15) Mysterious Attack

I don’t even know how today went by……
Commanders fit into my surroundings with surprising speed. You can see unfamiliar face in every classroom, every hallway, including teacher, custodian, worker at the café, electrician and any other occupation that could be in school. My only feeling is that an alien invasion movie in on air without anyone noticing……

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(Ch.14) Alien Invasion?

I’m very tired, dizzy, sore all over, and retching.
I deeply realize that I must be a complete idiot to be on the shoulder of a superloli for several hundred kilometers. And what’s even more idiotic, I still come to class the next day, this give me a really scary thought – did I finally activated my hidden masochistic characteristic?

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(Ch.12) Migrant workers

Midnight, commanders from Xiling Empire finally enters the final
stage of spatial transportation. The rest is Pandora’s work. She will work as a
coordinate, guiding the 300 commanders to finish their trip, and prevent some
commanders from needing to come out of a sewage system of some random house.
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XE (Ch.10) Arrival of a Regiment

(Ch.10) Arrival of a Regiment

Although a shooting happened this morning, everything still happens normally today. The shooting site at Canglan is quickly blacked, forming a sharp contrast with us.

Grade 12 is very boring. You need to stuff all kinds of things you think are completely unrelated to you into your head, just to write them on to a piece of paper at July and forget them all in the next four years. Read more

XE (Ch.9) Harmless?

(Ch.9) Harmless?

Fifteen minutes isn’t very long or very short, but in this fifteen
minutes I saw sight that is more science fiction than any movie. In fifteen
minutes, three men transform from criminals to three idiots. When I recall the
sight of Pandora sticking the needle into their head, I nearly threw up again……
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XE (Ch.8) Humanoid Weapon

(Ch.8) Humanoid Weapon
As the space and time stops, everyone stops, except the three men with guns.

Because pausing time will lock everything related to the target, meaning that no harm can be done to a target when its time is stopped. The only reason Pandora
paused the time is to protect innocent people on site, there’s no need to
protect the three thugs.
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XE (Ch.7) Formidable Little Sister

(Ch.7) Formidable Little Sister


So, Pandora moves into my home.
Although there’s still a lot of things about her identity that couldn’t be
explained, but Jing doesn’t seem to care. She is already treating Pandora as
her real sister. She is supersaturated with sympathy she couldn’t even imagine
how terrifying an unknown organism the “poor girl” in front of her is.
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